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We provide best services at Hillyard Automotive.

Regardless of why you need us, you can always expect us to provide you with meticulous repairs. We only carry top-grade auto parts, and we offer multiple types of services to suit your demands, such as:

  • Auto repairs and branded auto repairs
  • Oil changes and tuneup services
  • Fleet maintenance and repairs
  • Auto AC and heat repairs

Hillyard Automotive offers impressive and high-quality services to customers in Sterling and the surrounding areas. We're a premier auto repair shop, and our master technicians are trained to handle almost any type of problem. We'll have your vehicle ready within a timely manner. Call us today. 703-828-3900


We offer car battery replacement for all makes and models.


Brakes are important safety item. Every vehicle will receive a FREE visual brake inspection to include front and rear brake pads/shoes or drums and a brake fluid test. We can perform any brake repair including front or rear brake pad replacement, brake rotor, resurfacing or replacement also including drums and shoes.


The cooling system is extremely important when it comes to engine life. A well maintained cooling system will lubricate and cool engine components for optimal life. Reducing high priced repairs like radiators, water pumps, thermostats and evaporator cores.


Transmissions, differentials and transfer cases are very important to maintain. Keeping these fluids fresh and maintained regularly are needed no matter what type of driving you're doing. Draining and refilling or flushing these fluids will drastically improve longevity of components and even maximize protection and efficiency.


Warning light on? Stop in for a free preliminary inspection of your vehicle. We'll retrieve the codes and perform initial visual inspections of affected systems for possible issues.


The fuel system needs maintenance too! Properly maintaining fuel injectors, fuel pumps and evaporations systems continue to have your vehicle run efficiently and correctly. Preventing clogged fuel injectors and carbon build up maintain optimum fuel efficiency.


We will inspect, diagnose and complete your car's heating and air conditioning repair and service quickly and efficiently. We'll make sure that your system is operating effectively and that you're comfortable on the road, whether temperatures outside are hot or cold.


Oil and filter changes available on all makes and models.


Worn out suspension components can be dangerous when they fail. All scheduled maintenance's will include proper inspection of front and rear suspension items. Identification of these failures before they happen is best. Shocks, struts, ball joints , control arms and bushings are all important items in your suspension.


Your only connection to the ground. Helps you brake, turn and accelerate. Make sure your tires are at their proper requirements for safety. Tires will be visually inspected with all maintenance services. Mounting, balancing and rotating are available for all makes and models.


Wether it's maintenance , repair or replacement we can cover all your transmission needs. Automatic or manual, we can keep it operating as designed.


Tires are expensive. Lets keep the vehicle tracking straight and prolong the life of your tires. Alignments are much needed in most driving conditions and areas. Potholes are bound to be hit, we'll help you stay on top of your alignment maintenance.

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